Sunday, August 8, 2010


Over the last few weeks we've been jokingly saying, full of twang, "We're buildin' a roof." At the end of 8 weeks, we've done it. We built a roof. Oh, and not just any stinkin' roof. We built a beautiful handmade ceramic tile roof.
Here's lovely Amanda, very Vanna White-like, showing what the roof framing looked like:

It was a pretty simple, yet elegant construction plan. The roof was added on to the "green box" roll-off storage container. The roof is at a 4/12 ratio, and the supports were cut to fit the space exactly. All four 2x6 supports are lag screwed into the 2x4 studs which are in turn, bolted through the metal ribs of the storage container. Prior to installing the tiles, we all hung off of the roof to verify that it would hold the weight of the tiles/soil/plants or approximately 150 lbs. Our instructor even took a turn then said, "Well, it holds 220 lbs, you should be fine."
Next, we installed roofing felt and lathe nailing strips. We then started to install the roof tiles.

The actual tile installation was ridiculously tricky. It took approximately 15 hours to properly and neatly fit all 40 tiles on the roof. In between, we took a "team building" break and went to Sweet Cheeks Winery for a wine tasting and picnic. Here's the official Team Ceramic:

Each tile had a slightly different shape and curve, making the interlocking of each tile and row uh, interesting. But we did it and when we were done we thought it looked beautiful

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