Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cleaning, glazing, firing and building, OH MY!

So it's been two full weeks of tile fabrication. Team Ceramic is absolutely exhausted. But, don't get me wrong, we're still having a ton of fun:

We've fired all 50+ tiles in the big gas fired kiln called "Olsen". Yeah, for whatever reason, here at the U of O they seem to want to name everything. In the output room, there's Gehry, Yamasaki, Foster, etc., and in the kiln shed there's Olsen, Salt, etc.

On Sunday night, Theresa (Stephen's mom) came with me to the ceramics lab. Together we cleaned the kiln, kiln boards and I got to make kiln wash. Kiln wash is painted on to the clean kiln boards to help keep the boards clean. Meanwhile, Crystal and Amanda waxed the edges of the tiles, to keep glaze from sticking to the kiln boards. Then we glazed until the sun went down. Stephen arrived with Thai take-out and a couple bottles of wine (yay!). After feasting, we loaded up the kiln, and it thankfully only took us two hours to finish.

Now, we're waiting for it to be done firing again.
We spent some of our "free" time yesterday, cutting the wood framing pieces for the roof. Action shots:
In the meantime, we spent this morning busting our butts some more, by helping the other roofing team mix their soil medium and then haul it up on top of the roof. My arms were still sore from loading/unloading the kiln. Now they are like spaghetti, all sorts of wibbly. Bowling tonight should be interesting!

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