Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Greenhouse at the Urban Farm

After spending weeks creating, designing and fabricating the "green roof" ceramic tiles, I was a bit worn out. I spent two more weeks learning about how to build a pre-fabricated greenhouse at the Urban Farm here in Eugene.

We dug the foundation and created form work using dimensional lumber for the footer. I learned how to cut, bend and tie together rebar.

We poured concrete into the form work footer. Then attached additional form work and rebar for the stem wall.

We also did a little bit of irrigation pipework to extend the irrigation line into the greenhouse. Although I had done a bit of drip irrigation line work earlier in the spring, it had been at least 3 years since I'd done any work with pipes (yes, please bring on the pipe laying/handling/joining jokes). So it was good to get a little bit of practice in.

It was supposed to only take 2 weeks to build and put together the green house. Unfortunately, there were some issues with the plans and permitting, as well as in getting the proper fasteners so we were delayed a bit in finishing.

In the end, we started to put up the frame and then had to stop when we found out that the city was actually going to do something with the permit application; other than put it under a stack of other applications. So work stopped for several weeks. The photos I had taken, with measurements were helpful for the inspections and ultimate approval. Yay for pictures!

I need to get over there and take a few photos of the finished project. But I figured I'd wait until it was spring and the garden was in bloom again.

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