Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh hello blog, sorry I was busy.

Oh wait!! Who's been a total and complete slacker about posting here? Oh, yeah, that would be me.

I have good excuses though, really!! Spring term was super busy and I didn't really have much to post until after the end of the term. But then I only had 10 days between the end of the term and leaving for the Kyoto study abroad program. I've spent two months in Japan which was fantastic.

I'll share some photos and paintings from my travels soon.

In the meantime, enjoy a watercolor plan view painting that I did of Jiko-in garden in Nara, Japan prior to going there. I may do a new one soon that is more accurate. YAY for accuracy!


  1. Thanks lady! I keep looking at it now, realizing that I can do so much better after all the practice I had in Japan. I may do another version of it as my "special project" that I have to complete.